pars rastak co organizes a variety of conferances that are strategically planned,creatively designed and skillfully executed to expand your vusiness in the country.

our job is to ensure that every aspect of the events is in line with your visions and will shape the theme,program,decor,entertaiment and all other details of eastheics and atmosphere acconrdingly.we have welcomed a great number of visiting trade delegations to iran and helped them come in contact with the right clients by using our unique local connections.our events include:

seminars:we invite key speakers to provide a briefing on investment and trade opportunities in iran,the  general economic enviroment of the country,local market entry straregies,business culture,and etiquette,etc.

workshops:there will be a professional speaker for every industry that a group pf companies belong to,in order to provide technical an market specific information.the focus will be on market size,market share and annual import and export volumes as well as customs regulations and tariffs in every sector.